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T.J. Templeton for Iowa State Rep.

Hi Reddit. I'm posting an AMA right now
(6-14-12 / 10:15 am)

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. Here you will find not only details on how I stand on various issues but also my solutions to the problems facing us. We also have resources to help us spread the word about our campaign if you like what you see.

For twelve years there has been no choice for the Democratic party on our ballot for the State House of Representatives. Not only is this undemocratic, it's hurting the people of Iowa and our businesses. Our current Representative is the Vice President of Legislative Relations for a utility company. His voting record and behavior on the House floor shows that his priorities are not with the people of district 3, but rather with protecting the bottom line of his employer.

When elected, I will return the function of our House seat to representing the interests of the citizens of Iowa and away from corporate interests that benefit only a few.


What I'll do

  • Seizing the economic opportunity of the green energy movement: Our current representative has spoken out against addressing the issue of global warming, claiming that doing so will harm our economy. Whether you believe in it or not, addressing climate change presents the people of Iowa with an incredible economic opportunity. While our current representative wishes to hold us back, I will help take Iowa into the 21st century and create jobs and boost the economy while doing it.
  • Accessibility: I will do everything possible in my capacity as representative to work for the public interest. When I'm not in session at the capital I will attend every city council meeting in my district. No longer will your city council have to go to your state legislator; I will come to you.
  • I will offer solutions, not platitudes: Anyone can campaign on abstract concepts like "family values" and being "pro-life". Too often slogans like these end up being abandoned once the nominee is elected. I will promote Iowa values in deed, not just in words, and I will address the specific issues important to Iowans and will work together with our community to discover and provide real solutions.

 Do you like what you hear? Explore our website and learn more about what I stand for and how I will serve you in the District 3 seat in the Iowa House of Representatives.

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